Changing lives
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In 2009, 25 individuals participated in a rigorous climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Eight of them were blind. International mountain climbing expert Kevin Cherilla led the expedition, and one of his guides was Kristen Sandquist.

During this historic climb, every member of the team made the summit while breaking four world records in the process.

The experience proved to be life changing for everyone—especially for Kevin and Kristen. The trip was a catalyst for their realization that they could effect change in people’s perceived limitations about themselves and others.

Not long after, they launched K2 Adventures Foundation, an organization whose goal is to positively affect the lives of individuals with life challenges and disabilities around the globe by combining philanthropy and community service.

Whether it’s through giving or receiving, participants in K2 Adventures Foundation can realize their potential and bring new meaning to their lives. Today, thanks to its supporters, K2 Adventures Foundation funds grants for people with life challenges and provides equipment, supplies, basic necessities and care to children, adults and families both domestically and abroad.

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