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Austin’s Kid’s Match

Helping others isn’t dependent upon being a certain age or stage in life. Even a child can help another child. That was certainly the case for Austin Mendez, a student at Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. He saw a greater way to impact the lives of children and started Austin’s Kid’s Match. A program that financially rewards kids who raise money and/or items for K2’s various efforts. Austin personally oversees the matching process.

A Message from Austin

Austin’s Match Request Form

Austin Mendez


My name is Austin Mendez. Like many other students, my high school tasks us with giving back to the community through volunteer hours. I decided to donate mine to K2 Adventures Foundation, and have been supporting them for the past two years.

Before I tell you more about K2, let me tell you a little bit more about myself. My favorite sport is basketball and I play competitively for my high school. I also like to snowboard, skim board and attend rap and alternative music concerts.

Music is a passion and artists on my playlist include Wiz Khalifa, The Expendables and Rage Against the Machine. In my free time, I like to watch The Simpsons, Tosh.0 and Family Guy. And believe it or not, I’m soon to be an uncle for the second time!

So why K2? It’s simple—their mission. They provide resources for children and families with special needs, both here at home and abroad. My most memorable K2 charitable experiences have been traveling to other countries, including the mountainous region of Machu Picchu, Peru in 2010, and Tanzania, Africa in 2011, which included a safari and volunteer work at the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind.

Located in Moshi, Tanzania, the Mwereni School has 600 students, 84 of whom are blind or suffer from albinism. The purpose of our trip was to inaugurate a medical center and to administer medical care to more than 200 children that had never seen a doctor. Because of our efforts, we’re certain we saved the lives of 32 children who were deathly sick. What an amazing thing!

As a result of my experiences with K2, I’ve created “Austin’s Match” to provide financial incentive to other kids and young adults like me who actively practice volunteering their time, fundraising and supporting those less fortunate than themselves. This match is to further support K2’s mission, and for every dollar you raise, I’ll match a percentage of the funds—hopefully 100 percent.

All of us associated with the K2 Adventures Foundation are grateful for your time and effort. Together, we can do great things for kids all over the world!

Onward to our next adventure!

Austin Mendez

Student/Child Information

  • Select the K2 initiative you would like your donation and match to be designated toward

Parent/Guardian Information*

  • How Austin’s Match works:

  • 1. Raise awareness, funds or necessities for your project. Austin will match your donation product-to-product or based on the dollar value.
  • 2. Complete the “Austin’s Match” request form and he’ll do his best to respond—generally within 48 hours.
  • 3. Once your match is confirmed, you decide where you want the funds/items to go within K2. You can select local activities or various international efforts. Either way, it’s helping kids.
  • 4. Austin will make the donation and the match in your name and post it on our Facebook page.

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