Home is where the heart is, and for us that is Arizona.

We have been caring for children, adults and families with special needs and life-changing medical circumstances for over nine years, and we still wake up feeling like we're just getting started.

The work we do locally is focused around granting awards, community engagement, education and funding. K2 Adventures Foundation works specifically with disabled individuals on a case-by-case basis through an application process. To date, we have granted over one million dollars in awards.

We also collaborate with our local partners on a variety heartfelt programs, and we provide services that include adaptive equipment, support and funds for educational and medical enrichment.

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Our Programs


K2 At The Bat

When parents have a child with a disability or a terminal condition, playing baseball is something that’s often unavailable to their children. We set out to change this unfortunate reality.

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K2 At The Batcave

Most kids wish for simple things and have the benefit of a long and healthy life to make their dreams come true. Time is of the essence for terminally ill children. K2 at the Batcave helps make their dreams a reality.

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K2 Crafts

Sharing a creative experience with other children who are also disabled and/or terminally ill is a wonderful bonding and learning opportunity. K2 Adventures Foundation makes this possible.

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K2 Gymnastics

This program provides children, ages 3 to 10, the opportunity to join their peers in the gym for a few hours of challenging, inviting activities focusing on fun, safety, and skill acquisitions.

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K2 Hoops

Basketball is a daunting sport and typically unavailable to children with disabilities and/or terminal conditions. We have created a program to bring these kids from the stands onto the court.

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K2 Kitchens

Every child loves to create something in the kitchen. K2 Kitchen Adventures makes cooking together for children with disabilities and their parents fun!

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K2 Therapeutic Horsemanship

In a world of grown ups, being a child can be a lonely experience. For at risk, neglected young girls, their circumstances and isolation further burdens them with life-long negative consequences. We are providing them an opportunity to heal and belong.

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Mary Lou Muccino & Judy Merrill

National Programs Directors

K2’s programs for youth embraces our philosophy “There are no disabilities, only possibilities”. All of our programs are ongoing and offered through partnerships with local organizations and are provided free of charge to children and their families. Since 2016, K2 has served approximately 330 children/youth and their families. As one parent wrote, “We can’t think of anything more fun than spending the weekend with K2! Thank you for giving our kids such amazing opportunities and the courage to try something new!”

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