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Who We Serve

Looking beyond the “ask” to see the bigger picture is at the heart of the K2 Adventures Foundation Application. Our award recipients come to realize that their requests weren’t the ultimate goal, but simply a starting point. The real benefit—whether it’s resources or adaptive equipment—is that it allows individuals to live their lives far beyond their expectations.

To secure an award and realize your own potential, submit an application to K2 Adventures Foundation. Applications are reviewed quarterly, and upon approval, recipients receive awards promptly.

United States Award Recipients

  • Getting a new set of wheels.

    For a lot of people, help isn’t a one-time event. It’s something that needs continuous support over an extended period of time. That was true for one of our award recipients, a 37-year-old man who was shot and paralyzed when he was 16. His 8-year-old wheelchair was outdated and limited his abilities, and his insurance company wouldn’t pay for a new one. K2 Adventures Foundation provided a wheelchair that not only repositions his changing body and provides support for his scoliosis, but also opens up new roads for him to explore.

  • Riding the waves to freedom.

    Sometimes the thing we love most is just beyond our reach. That was true for a 14-year-old boy born with Spina Bifida. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, he developed a love for surfing using adaptive equipment while attending a camp for individuals with disabilities. His family couldn’t afford to buy him his own surfboard, but thanks to an award from K2 Adventures Foundation, he’s now Hanging 10 with a custom-made board.

  • Exercising more options to stay fit.

    Being able to exercise is often taken for granted by people without disabilities. But for 25 students, many in wheelchairs, it’s nothing short of a miracle. K2 Adventures Foundation donated 15 disability physical therapy mats and elliptical machine to Cortney’s Place in Arizona, helping these individuals get the regular floor exercise and cardio they need to stay physically fit.

  • Determination and perseverance to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    For someone who has been told “no” all his life because he is a congenital quad amputee, he proved everyone wrong once again. K2 Adventures Foundation – and one of its corporate sponsors, K2 Adventure Travel, presented an opportunity to a young disabled athlete, Kyle Maynard, with a goal of reaching the summit of Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. In addition to leading his 10 day ascent, K2AF along with Orthotics Specialists coordinated the development of four custom orthotics that allowed the dream to come true. This trek was documented and aired on ESPN and Kyle won the 2012 ESPY for Best Male Athlete with a Disability.

  • Making skies bluer for children with cancer.

    For kids with cancer or a chronic blood disorder, a chance to attend The Phoenix Children’s Hospital's Camp Rainbow program is often the first time they’ve been away from their parents since diagnosis. Children who are in wheelchairs or who’ve been physically weakened by their condition are able to go rock climbing or slide down a zip-line with the aid of equipment that is specially designed for them. They can even “get back” at their doctors by challenging them to silly string and food fights. Camp Rainbow receives 100 percent of its funding from charitable contributions, including an award from K2 Adventures Foundation.

  • Creating opportunities for horseplay.

    Nothing provides the feeling of freedom and independence like riding a horse. With an award from K2 Adventures Foundation that helps fund student scholarships, children and adults with physical disabilities receive therapeutic horseback riding lessons using adaptive equipment from Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship. Students participate in a yearlong riding program that covers all aspects of horse care, safe-horse handling on the ground, mounted lessons and carriage driving.

Peru Award Recipients

Cusco, Peru

The CEBE Nuestra “Señora del Carmen”

Without mobility, the world can seem a very small place. That was certainly true for the 80 severely disabled students who attend the CEBE Nuestra “Señora del Carmen” school in Peru each day. K2 Adventures Foundation was introduced to the school in 2010 and found the students lacking wheelchairs, medical devices, basic hygiene and necessities. Since that time, K2 Adventures Foundation has been able to provide students with those items, as well as walkers, canes, diapers, blankets, clothing, computers and school supplies, expanding their horizons—and their opportunities.

K2 has also done community service to a remote school and students located in the Andes. We have provided school backpacks filled with lots of "goodies" for the 25 + students and the teacher since 2009.

Tanzania Award Recipients

Moshi, Tanzania

The Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind

Being part of any society is tough. Being blind makes it nearly impossible. More than 600 students, ages five through 17, attend the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind. This includes 80 blind and Albino children who were orphaned or abandoned at birth. When we first visited in 2009, many of the students were suffering from lack of medical and dental care, typical hygiene and basic necessities.

Since 2009, K2 Adventures Foundation has provided the students with Braille Writers, canes, walkers, a computer lab, mattresses and bedding, shoes and of course toys. We have also built two free standing bathroom structures and a 3,000 square foot medical and dental clinic. Every year since 2011, we have organized medical and dental teams from the United States that continue to provide these children with much needed care.

"Kevin and Kristen have taken the pain and suffering of our Tanzanian children as if they were of their own origin, but due to sheer love and respect, they have made a big difference to the Mwereni School community. This shows they really care and love our children in need." -- Damas Kimoso, Mwereni Head Master

Nepal Award Recipients


High Altitude Mountain Workers Welfare Association (HAMWWA)

The main areas for income generation in Nepal are the glorious mountainous and hilly regions. These areas also pose great risks to those committed to working in the mountains as guides and porters. HAMWWA was established with the objective of supporting the welfare of these workers by launching training programs to help them minimize the associated risks and providing assistance to those disabled on the mountains or their families who have lost their kith and kin relatives. K2 Adventures Foundation will assist with future programs and projects.